Kill Everything


tragic heroes
(music:mueller, lyrics:mueller)

see how he breaks his life
for the dream of something
in his mind
she is not what he wants, but
he only sees what she was

they had a chance
they had connection
but she is not who she was
and he can't accept it

so he won't ever go home again
no he won't ever go home again

Harry sleeps in motel beds
'cause he can't sleep with his wife
he loves his children dearly still
but they only make him cry
sometimes at night he thinks
what could my life have been
if i...
if i...
he has only questions now
he has only himself now
and the torture of this dream

he won't ever go home again
'cause it's not the place he feels at peace
he won't ever be whole again
'cause there's something here that he can't see
and his skin burns
and he grinds his teeth
he wonders what happened
he wonders, "what happened to me,
i used to be so together?"

so he sleeps alone at night
and walks miles to a pay phone
so noone knows he calls her
and looks at him in that disgusted way
but it only makes him cry
yes it only makes him cry
and all he can do
is lie there in his sorrow
but at least he makes the choice
and gives himself the chance
to pursue his self-destructive dream

welcome to the world of
tragic heroes

Harry wakes in a place he doesn't know
then he does this everyday
no matter where he stays
he shaves with an old rusty blade
to remind him that some things never change
brushes his teeth without looking in the mirror
calls his oldest son
'cause he thinks he understands
advice to justify where he stands, but
he doesn't get it
in the end
so he just goes out with his
so called friends

"how are you Harry?"
"it's nice to see you!"
"hope things are all right"
"you deserve better!"

© 2001 Anton Mueller
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