Paiinted Words

painted words
(music:mueller, lyrics:mueller)

saints to riches
and we're ragged all day
blind as colors
when the matter is grey
guns and ice cubes
for the rest of your life
the blackened skyline
burns with violence
and lies

i'm painting words again
'cause i can't express myself
these streams of conciousness
flow for somebody else
and underneath the silt
of the tides of my mind
there is truth
two feet ahead of it's time

bags and make-up
cover scars and the day
tears with rifles
force issues into the fray
phallic symbols haunt the minds of the eye
the yellow industry picks it's cherries
with pie


stained red
is it wine or blood now
dali won't you smile
i'm melting with your time
paint it black
that's far too overused
oh, pablo
do you mind if i use blue

© 2001 Anton Mueller
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