Dido's Temple of the Portals

Temple of the Power of Ten

1999 © Tobin James Mueller
for The Power of 10, a VisionForge Project

The Keeper of the Portal to the Fifth Dimension, Dido Titania, was painted by Ian Brand.
The knot at the roof of the temple was constructed by Robert Sharein, Knotplots.
All other artifacts are by Tobin Mueller.

This is an untouched image completely rendered in Bryce 3D.
The circular portals are several layers of lenses (transparent ovals) and reflective images.
The statues holding the portals aloft were rendered originally in Poser 3;
in Bryce they have been "coated" with complex metallic transparent and reflective textures
The shapes of the wings on the the altar statue (also originally shaped in Poser 3)
were painted then scanned in then sculpted with the Bryce terrain editor;
a custom Bryce wood grain textures form the 3D shadows.
The textures used for the columns and metal artifacts (brass altar portals, all portal frames, silver helmet)
were all scanned picts of textures painted in Photoshop.

The Temple itself sits on a giant amorphic hand (Poser 3), symbolizing the Power of 10 concept that
there exist worlds within worlds. Dido is a 5space being, so there are many visual references to the number 5.

The Power of 10 is an Online Collaborative Picture Book project
in its formative stages. As the initial illustrations are completed,
writers are sketching out the first chapters. See "Contents".

For other images of the Temple, see:
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The Portal Lens (early draft)
Reflective Face of the Goddess
more to come...

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