Xianu Override is being made into an online Illustrated Novel!
Click here for details!

Xianu Override is an expansion set of missions, graphics and story lines that add to the wonderful Ambrosia Software shareware game
Escape Velocity Override.

The Xianu Override plug-ins weave amazing graphics into each mission, using unique landing pictures at every planet.
There are 101 new terrain pictures!

Xianu Override uses terraforming, planet creations, beings who bring creatures to sentience, and cataclysmic battles to transform the EVO star map many times during the game. The main Xianu story also ties together the central plots in Escape Velocity Override.

In addition to spectacular battle missions, Xianu Override presents a New Galaxy of musician philosopher gas giant beings, unlike anything in any EV or EVO plug!

Please email uis if you are interested in helpling us debug and complete the code!

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