Xianu Override Introductory Text

Most Escape Velocity plug-ins start with a lengthy discussion of Human & Voinian history, describing the war between the two galactic species:

United Earth forces have recently beat back an all out Voinian offensive, crushing the Voinian fleet. During the resulting reign of peace, human colonists have expanded the reach of mankind, placing them on the brink of discovering several more species of sentient beings. Colonists have formed their own alliances and some have broken with Earth. When the Voinians regroup, Earth might not survive…

Since most players have heard this story before (or can hear it by simply taking our plug out of the game folder and starting EVO as a new pilot), Xianu Override begins with a new story and a new attitude, right from the opening titles. Here is how it reads:

You never paid much attention to Galactic History in school.
Growing up on Earth, the center of the known Galaxy,
(at least in human terms), you never thought history was important.
Your father was a big shot United Earth Commander,
a hero of the Big War that drove the Big Voinian Invasion Fleet
from human space just as Earth was about to fall.
Surely his endless war stories and anti-Voinian lectures
were enough lessons in history for any one lifetime.

Your father was responsible for uniting the frontier star systems
in the struggle against the “neolithic Voinian aggressors”
back when those singular aliens were every human’s nightmare.
What was so heroic about that? you wonder.
Try doing it today, with twice as many colony worlds to unite
and every one with its own agenda to look after.

Now, with rumors of space crafts of unknown origins reported
throughout the Uncharted District, with the discovery of
more habitable planets just waiting for colonization,
with unparalleled wealth corrupting many of the new regimes,
everyone is looking to the future.

Who cares about the past?

Besides, with every passing hour you spend in the classroom,
new technologies are making what you’ve learned obsolete.
It’s time to get out there and starting living!

You always figured your uncle had the right idea:
Stay independent. Explore, Have fun.
Of course, it helped that the guy also happened to be
the best pilot in the history of human civilization.

Now they’re both dead, your father and your uncle.
Your father died from some exotic disease he could
never shake after the Big War. Your uncle from
some freak accident in the Uncharted District.

Dad left you with a prestigious last name and a
full scholarship to the United Earth Space Academy.
You’ve been living with that inheritance for nearly
four years.

Your uncle left you the keys to the coolest experimental
space ship in the Galaxy...and a hot tip on how to win
the Tyllarian Lottery! All you have to do is go to
the "Armstrong Bar" on Luna, pick up a message
your uncle left there for you, and you can start enjoying
a different kind of inheritance.

Or so you think.

Four months away from graduation,
with the world at your feet,
you quit the Academy and strike out on your own.

The future is now, 2148 AD.

Time to make a name for yourself.

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