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Strong Man


(music:mueller/knudsen/pemrich/sirola, lyrics:mueller)

can I remove it
one last time
the spear in my side
i drive my nails deeper
into the hands and hearts that love
to bear this weight
and never need saving

oh can you save me now
before i save myself
have i done it right
why won't you turn around

why am i searching
all around
for something i have
never left behind
the doors of closed eyes
tight with fear
of what could be shown them
of what will be shown them, now

oh can you save me now
now that i have left you
and when the conscience clears
what's left to think of
and games with words
all seem to end in tyranny
of one over their thoughts
and if they all fall peacefully
what is the point trying to cross

why do i wonder
were i am going
when it could all be
why do i wonder
what i think of me
when we all end up
and start the same

can i push it in
for the first time
or maybe it's my last
it doesn't even matter
unless i see
what i am pushing
it all goes on
and i am always

© 1999-2001 Anton Mueller
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