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make me hope

Breaking the Chains

make me hope
(music:mueller, lyrics:mueller)

and i feel it's over now
i have those things i couldn't dream
and finally i want to cry out loud
i finally love something i see

i am blind from
my love shine
i have become
part of someone's life

pain can't hide
and i take it all in stride
because i've got someone to take it with
i finally hold my life up high
it's easier when there's someone to
hold it with

my walls were
oh, so real
now they're all
falling down
i welcome this reeling
'cause in you
i drown

i catch my smile at the corner store
i don't use it much anymore

see how you make me smile
see how you make me cry
with joy
see how you make me
see how you make me hope

© 1999-2001 Anton Mueller
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