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The Circle of Power

(music:pemrich, lyrics:pemrich)

stepped on the plane
found my seat and settled down
then a voice comes on the radio
says there's been a breakdown

Stewardess comes by
offers me a beer
i said, "no thanks, baby
i'm just tryin' to keep my head clear"
she asks me what my name is,
i said, "i think it might be steven"
she said, "if there's anything you need,
i will be happy to please"

take off down the runway
buildings go shooting by
plane leaves the ground now
oh, dear god, how i hate to fly

i hit the call button
to bring the stewardess to me
she skips past the little boy
tugging on his momma's knee
she asks, "steve, is there anything
i can do for you?"
and i said, "i think i could use
a drink or two"

i had a beer, i had a whiskey
maybe i'm going insane
'cause i'm not feeling right
and i know that you're to blame

another beer, another whiskey
i think i'll go down in flames
like this plane i'm flying in on
and the stewardess with no name

© 1999-2001 Andy Pemrich
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