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I am andrew pemrich, but everyone just calls me Pem or Pemdawg (or PemrichMouse).

I was born a little after 10:30am on Saturday, March 13, 1982 in Appleton, Wisconsin. I lived in the Fox Valley (NE Wisconsin) for my entire existence until i moved to NYC in the early summer of 2001.

I have the metabolism of a pubescent, and I know you're all jealous of me for that. I don't eat fish, or any other seafood. I was raised on 70s soft rock, and I will never recover from it.

My greatest influences are Elvis Presley before 1960, the Beatles, and Kevin Gilbert. I play guitar left-handed, and Dan considers me a freak because of it. I collect records, and since I began at age six, have amassed a collection totalling in the thousands. Until I met Twon, I was a very shy, inarticulate, and reserved loser. Today, I am a very outgoing, inarticulate and reserved loser. Girls don't like me (or at least they never bring it to my attention if they do). I admit to having had a mullet in Jr. High. I am irresponsible with money, but never seem to be at a point where I can't repay my debts. I don't have a driver's lisence. I can write in L337 5P33l<. I've never held a job for more than three months, but have never been fired. I can sleep through anything. My biting cynicism has gained my many friends, and lost me 100's of job opportunities. I am an obsessive compulsive, but have only managed to disturb one person with that fact. I know where every CD I own belongs in my Case Logic (TM) CD folders. I have glasses, but rarely wear them, mostly to concerts, movies, plays and to functions where they might make me look more intelligent or attractive. I've tried my hand at screenwriting, but never finished for lack of initiative. I spend more time in front of my computer than anywhere else, except maybe my bed. I spent a semester of college sleeping on a couch. I am a hopeless Ebay addict and I make searches there daily. I think the inception of MTV was a milestone in music history, but MTV itself has since withered into a festering pile of dung. I will watch any movie at least once, unless John Cusack, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, or Valeria Golino are in it, then I will watch it countless times regardless of how poor the film itself is. My middle name is Blue, but neither of parents were ever hippies. Fashion trends are appalling to me. I wear T-shirts and bluejeans religiously. I swear by the comedy of Monty Python, and will occasionally make VERY obscure references to it. I can recite Ghostbusters, any film by Kevin Smith, Back to the Future, and Fight Club verbatim. I have sat through the 5 hour first cut of Apocalypse Now several times, and myself own a bootleg copy of it (but please, don't tell Francis Coppola). The best thing I got out of High School was my friendships with Dan and Twon, and my first sexual encounters. I have listened to The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway by Genesis repetitively over a dozen times. I can drink a case of Surge without geting sick. I am an emulation freak, and my computer is cluttered with about 12 gigs of illegal ROMs. I own Metallica MP3's, and I refuse to delete them or buy another CD until they go back to playing metal. I think Ray Of Light is Madonna's worst CD, and True Blue is by far her best. I swallowed a penny when I was seven, and a dime in Jr. High on a dare. I have snorted Pixie Stix. I rarely drink, and become very frisky when I am drunk. I think Pop music, and Image Rock are necessary evils. I plan to eventually find time to study Zen, yoga, and Tai-Chi. I have been known to rearrange my bedroom on a semi-annual basis. I can make a tremendous mess of my stuff, but still manage to know the exact location of whatever I want is. I will listen to and buy every recording Oasis has ever made, regardless of how far they roam from the magical sound they achieved on their first 2 CD's. I never owned a Transformer.

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