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ein guitarre spieler

Daniel Thomas Knudsen
Ht: 5'11
Wt: Varies from Cool to Uncool
Hair: Brown as Brown
Eyes: Super Hazel
How Many Earth Revolutions: 20
Blood Type: A!

Don't let my classical appearance fool you....I can still whip out the grinding metal at 220 beats per minute and hold a rational conversation with an angry drunken dwarf. Now I absolutely love Fernando Sor, Carcassi, Bach, Weiss, they are the guitar and lute masters of the universe, and I can give the credit to them for driving me to contiually strive for the most perfect technique...which I am still working on...and will be forever.

Now, again, I love metal and hard rock....but I HATE the double dropped Cb tuned guitars, bass clanking on absolute bullshit, and some singer who can credit every correct note he sings to pro-tools ( and how many songs about down-drodden childhoods do we need?)...Corrison of Conformity is the only band in my opinion who makes it pure.

I am firmly gripped in the cult of Mustaine, Hetfield, Vai, Petrucci, Page, Iommi, Vaughn, Shenkner (hmm spelling?), Parkening, Segovia......I prefer guitar heroes to dumbshits who are all about image.

Oh, let me remind everybody EuroMetal Rocks, Blind Guardian are my foriegn Messiahs.....and Iced Earth is a metal band from the U.S, that not nearly enough true metal heads listen too.

Rock on New London, Rock on Chicago...."Fred Durst....Die Dick Die"

Religion is Obsolete

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