The Sonic Harmonizer that Jac Built  

The Sonic Harmonizer That Jac Built
by Kano

To me, the image represents a rebirth, both in my art, and life. It is an organic
machine that can and does harness the old, darker energy, and refocusses it,
through celestial, sonic vibration, recreating worlds where destruction and
anarchy have been the norm. It does not destroy the old, nor does it make
the statement that all darkness is bad, it is merely a balancer, a
calibrator of worlds and souls, reuniting souls with their own quest. Those
who play the harmonizer are said to be timeless, the wisest of all, and
part of the creator's bloodline. I believe personally that everyone has at
least one chord which is their own, that they are free to play.

For further discussion of techniques used, see:

© 2000 Jac Grenfell
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