Din Discovers the Blueprint of His Life  

Din Discovers the Blueprint of His Life
portrait no. 1

1999 © Danny Falch
collaborative artwork for The Power of 10, a VisionForge MultiMedia Project

"Sitting at his master's desk, Din laid out the blueprint before him.
What he saw was not the portrait of a living being.
A drawing of circuits and gears, most of which he had already guessed existed.
Yet, viewing this chart of currents and switches through eyes full of pain,
he knew the sum was more than the parts.
He lived; he was certain. He wondered, bitterly, by what accident
his bumbling master had discovered the secret of life?
It did not occur to him that his life was generated within,
by the miracle of each daily action."

For the original camera angle of his scene, see: Portrait 2.

The Power of 10 is an Online Collaborative Picture Book project
in its formative stages. As the initial illustrations are completed,
writers are sketching out the first chapters and musicians are composing theme music.
See "Contents Discussion".

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